If you think salsa is difficult to learn…think again. We've introduced Salsa to thousands of new beginners and they all came to us thinking they had two left feet, you gotta start somewhere but the sky's the limit! 8 weeks may sound like a short time but let us impress you with how quickly you progress under our expert guidance.

What will the course cover?

There are many dancing styles in salsa although we specialise in Cuban salsa.

During your salsa course we will also introduce you to:

  1. BACHATA which comes from the Dominican Republic, and is rapidly becoming a dance floor filler
    and it will serve to accelerate your salsa dancing and styling too.

  2. MERENGUE hails from the Caribbean, and is widely played in salsa clubs around the world. It is very
    easy to learn and will make you look and feel like an expert dancer instantly!

Why Salsa?

  1. Well, for a start did you know that 60mins of salsa dancing can burn up to 400 calories?

  2. Salsa dancing will also tone and shape your figure.

  3. Endorphins…yes, endorphins, that 'feel good factor' that comes from having a great time!

  4. In Latin America, people look forward to salsa dancing as a time to party and a way to let
    your hair down and de-stress!

  1. FAQ:

  2. How long does class last/ course?

  3. 55 mins once a week for 8 weeks.

  4. What if I miss a class?

  5. No problem-You can always make up that credit in another beginners class on a different day or you can
    do 2 classes in one week to catch up.

  6. What if I miss the first class?

  7. Again, this is not a problem as we always recap what we did at the first class in week 2 of the course.

  8. Can I pay weekly?

  9. We require full payment in the first week otherwise each week our teaching slot will be taken up with
    collection of monies and less time for teaching.

  10. I work shifts and may not manage each week.

  11. We usually have 2 beginners courses running about a week or 2 apart, so if you miss a class you would
    be welcome to attend any other beginners course on a different day so as not to miss a week.

  12. Partner required?

  13. No. Other people come on their own too. Salsa is great for socialising!

  14. What kind of clothing?

  15. Normal clothes, comfy shoes.

  16. Will I be able to dance after 8 weeks?

  17. Yes! In fact, we organise a class night out to a real salsa club towards the end of the course!

  18. Only once a week?

  19. Yes but if you opt to attend 2 courses a week, we’ll offer you a 50% discount on each additional class.

  20. Minimum/maximum age:

  21. You are as old as you feel! Most of our clients fall into the 20-30 bracket & 34-50 bracket

  22. Do any men attend?

  23. More and more guys are finally realising that the way to a woman’s heart is to dance her off her feet and
    having fun! Where there is a shortage of men, we can always call on the Academia men to help out!

  24. I want to learn for my wedding dance.

  25. We offer a wedding choreography package CLICK HERE for more info.

   Contact Us:   info@academiadesalsa.com      T. 07932010612